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Copy Paste DWG to older 3ds Max

By pixamoon, Aug 30 2017 09:39AM


This is quick tutorial: how to install Auto Cad scripts to be able to copy from newer Auto Cad to older 3ds Max. (eg. Auto Cad 2018 -> 3ds Max 2016 or older)

It happens when using Copy Paste DWG script - you may get this error message (see below) - It means: version of dwg temp file is too new to open with current 3ds max.

I did some research and here is my quick solution - I created small Auto Cad script to save temp file as older version.

To install it please follow this manual:


First lets check if "acaddoc.lsp" file already exists.

Please type in autocad: (findfile "acaddoc.lsp")


if returns 'nil' than all is ok and you can copy those 2 LSP files to:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\Support\en-us (or other Auto Cad version)


if return full path to "acaddoc.lsp" eg. "C:\\ProgramFiles\\Autodesk\\......"

- nawidate in windows explorer to shown folder "C:\\ProgramFiles\\Autodesk\\......"

- copy there only: Pixamoon-CopyToV2013.lsp (or other version)

- follow instruction from image

- top Menu -> Tools -> Local Applications -> press Conntents -> press Add

- choose C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2018\Support\en-us and add Pixamoon-CopyToV2013.lsp (or other version)

Here installation is done

Restart Auto Cad

Now you can use command "PXMCOPY" instead of Ctrl+C (or just type "px" - rest will be added automaticaly)


To paste to 3d Max please use Copy Paste DWG in verison 1.24.02 or newer


Download links:

Save to 2013 - max 2013-2017

Save to 2010 - max 2010-2012

Save to 2007 - max 8 - 2009


You can also replace standard Ctrl+C (COPYCLIP) to new PXMCOPY macro

Go to top menu and pick Tool -> Customize -> Interface...

in Customizations in All Files filed:

-> navigate to Menu -> Edit -> Copy -> select Copy element

in Properties filed navigate to macro

-> replace ^C^C_copyclip to ^C^C_pxmcopy


If you replace old Ctr+C to new PXMCOPY macro you will not be able to copy between AutoCad instances. If you still need to copy / paste to drawing to other AutoCad is better to just type PXMCOPY and keep old COPYCLIP as Ctrl+C shortcut.


I'll will try to create easier installation method later, but for now please try this tutorial.

Let me know if works with your configuration



Nov 24 2017 08:05PM by Carlos Rodriguez

First of all, thank u so much for this amazing script, i was waiting for something like this and its perfect, just one thing, I tried to use the "copy" macro but it didt work, maybe I did something wrong, I know nothing about scripting, but the only way to make it work was typing ^C^C_pxmcopy instead of C^C^pxmcopy, thanks again, cheers.

Dec 10 2017 03:07PM by Pixamoon

Hi Carlos,

Yes you totally right: It should be ^C^C_pxmcopy
Thanks for correction. I updated it already in post above.

Thanks !

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