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Enable Tx previews in Windows

By pixamoon, Jan 12 2017 03:14PM

Hi, Let's start some tutorials / blog here. Hope it will be helpful :)

I've got a question if I know any program which can preview TX files. Hmm. I did some research and found that actually any image viewer can preview them if .tx extension is changed to .tif

Even default Window Photo Viewer can preview them lol TX files can be easily open as multi-page TIFF files.

So next idea was to enable them for windows Thumbnails... more research and YES we can.

It can be simply done by adding those keys to windows registry:

(+ in some cases clean explorer thumbnails cache)



"Content Type"="image/TX"





Here you can find download links (maxscript and .reg file):


Convert images to tiled, MIP-mapped TX files can be done with Bitmap Tracking / Resizing.

more info about it:





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